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About the agency

Brands need to cultivate their international image without losing their identity, which is why ursulagrüber specialises in top quality multilingual marketing and advertising content.

Our mission? Help you create, write and adapt (or creatively translate) all your
marketing and advertising copy in a multitude of languages.

Brands we currently work with include Dior, Chanel, Orange, Nestlé, Peugeot, L’Oréal, Petit Bateau, AirFrance, Disneyland Paris, Dom Pérignon, the BNF, and Publicis.

Keen to roll your advertising and marketing messages out across new target markets whilst maintaining a consistent brand image and a high level of quality? That’s where our agency can help, backed by an international network of carefully selected copywriters. These advertising specialists and linguists not only reside in their native country, keeping their fingers firmly on the pulse of linguistic and cultural change, but are also veritable experts in the language to be translated, with an understanding of all the tiny nuances that are so crucial to seamlessly adapting your content.

There’s a very good reason why ursulagrüber boasts so many prestigious clients and a well-stocked address book of talented creative writers all around the globe: our agency has been around for almost 50 years.

Before brand marketing became the global phenomenon it is today, and long before the arrival of the Internet, Ursula Grüber came up with the idea of creating the very first European agency specialising in advertising adaptation. The agency opened its doors in Paris in 1972, meeting with instant success. Success we continue to build on today, driven forward by a relentless quest to embrace the very latest communication solutions (print, video and web).

As both pioneers and recognised specialists, we can help you gain a foothold in all your new target markets with the most powerful weapon of all: words. And not just any words, the right ones. Whatever the language.